Practitioners studied during part two (crowds)

I was very interested to read about all the photographers in this section.  I have already looked at Fay Godwin’s work and identified an image in my personal archive that could be used to illustrate her use of deep depth of field as a political statement but I didn’t immediately see a connection with her work and my assignment. Other practitioners that I have looked at are Mona Kuhn, Kim Kirkpatrick and Eugene Atget.

See my image reworked in light of Godwin’s work:

Mona Kuhn uses a shallow depth of field to create focus in the foreground and a blurred background. In this way she can create a portrait against an out of focus background and direct our gaze to the subject. Personally I am uncomfortable viewing nudes but I do like the shallow depth of field and how it emphasises the subject and detracts from the background. I hope to use this effect in my assignment. I particularly liked this image:

Evidence by Mona Kuhn

Kim Kirkpatrick uses minimal depth of field to guide the viewer to what is important. The majority of each image in his ‘early work’  is blurred with the specific focus on a proportionately small element of the image. I like the effect of this technique very much but it didn’t further my theme on this occasion.

Eugene Atget dedicated much of his life to photographing the architecture and streets of Paris.  In his series ‘Picturesque Paris’ he captured the real world of working class people and their lives in the city. This image of road workers has a shallow depth of field and emphasises the three men. Their backs are to the camera so Atget draws attention to their activity and their team work rather than to the individuals themselves.

Eugene Atget


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